ATG'S FiveM AntiCheat

Protection for all

ATG'S FiveM AntiCheat

Remains the most realible and advanced FiveM AntiCheat, dedicate to keeping your FiveM server protected against all threats. FiveM AntiCheat uses vast state-of-the-art detection methods, staying always up to date, and working 24/7 to keep your server safe and secure.



Anti Prop/Object, Vehicle, Weapon, Ped Spawner

Malicious Variable And Function Detection

On-Screen Menu Detection

Admin Menu

Toggle-able Gobal Bans

Limited ScriptHook (.asi) Menu Detections

Windows And Linux Support

One-Click Installation

Automatic Updates

Minimal FPS Impact

Supports vRP, ESX, And All Custom Frameworks

Zero False Bans


ATG'S FiveM AntiCheat

is a blazing fast, one-click install. Staying up to date on even the most sophisticated cheats. ATG’s FiveM AntiCheat keeps you FiveM server always protected from vulnerabilities of any kind. This includes detection of any attackers using Mod Menus, Lua Executers, Raw Code and thus eliminating these threats immediately.